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For information on the status of your registration by family name, kindly select the following link:



Consul General

Mrs. Abir Taha Audi

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Maha Karnib

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 7

Fax: 1 (212) 794-1510



Mrs. Karine Diab

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 103



Mr. Maher Takkoush

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 5


Passport / Visa

Mr. Gaby Noufaily

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 1


Mr. Ayman Salman


Legalization/ Powers of Attorney

Mr.Habib Osman

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 2


Registration of Vital Events

Mr.Tony Barkachy

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 3



REPATRIATION FORMS (URGENT) (updated upon the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

All Lebanese citizens who are currently present in New York City and the Northeast (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine) - including students, tourists and those who are in transit - and who wish to return to Lebanon, should fill out the application forms on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants’ link below before April 12 :



As for students who are facing financial difficulties in transferring funds from Lebanese banks, they should fill out the application forms on the Ministry's link below before April 12:


Please note that in the forms you also need to upload a picture of your Lebanese ID, passport or Extract of Registration.


Important Notice

Due to the Corona virus threat, and in order to safeguard the health of our staff, citizens and visitors, the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York will only be receiving formalities by mail. 

All emergencies will be dealt with on a case by case basis, until further notice. Call our hotline (646-201-3962) or email us at info@nylebcons.org.

Thank you for your understanding.


Community Announcement

In light of recent developments and increased health risks caused by the spread of the coronavirus, which constitutes a health emergency threatening the safety of the nation and its citizens and requires immediate and effective action, and in light of the Lebanese Government's urgent need of financial support to buy medical equipment, gear and drugs in order to combat the spread of COVID-19, the Lebanese Ministry of Finance has opened several bank accounts in Lebanese and foreign currencies to receive donations in that regard.

Those wishing to contribute can send transfers to the following accounts:

1- Financial and monetary donations, open account with the Bank of Lebanon:

Account name:  Ministry of Finance - Donation to help fight Corona virus - IBAN

LBP: LB36 0999 0000 0001 0017 0036 1885

USD: LB88 0999 0000 0001 0027 0036 1885

GBP: LB50 0999 0000 0001 0057 0036 1885

Euro: LB80 0999 0000 0001 0697 0036 1885

2- Donation to Rafik Hariri University Hospital (Hospital & Staff):

Current account # /719041200 Corona donation - Rafik Hariri Hospital- (IBAN)

LBP: LB40 0999 0000 0001 0017 1904 1200

Current account # /719041190 donation to the staff working in corona department (IBAN)

LBP: LB19 0999 0000 0001 0017 1904 1190

3- In-kind donation: 

Higher Relief Council on the following address Starco Bldg Downtown Beirut Block C 8th floor. Phone number 03/953103 - 70/244004 - 01/363052

4- Social donation to support the families affected by the  measures taken to help fight corona virus:

Account name: Ministry of Finance - Social donation  (IBAN)

LBP: LB30 0999 0000 0001 0017 0036 1896

USD: LB82 0999 0000 0001 0027 0036 1896

Euro: LB74 0999 0000 0001 0697 0036 1896

GBP: LB44 0999 0000 0001 0057 0036 1896


Community Announcement

Dear members of the Lebanese community and friends of Lebanon,

The Consulate General of Lebanon in New York is pleased to announce the arrival of Mrs. Abir Taha Audi as the new Consul General.

Mrs. Taha Audi earned the title of Ambassador in 2017 and previously served in Geneva, Paris and Tokyo.
Mrs. Taha Audi is a Doctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the Sorbonne University, Paris, and holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the American University of Beirut.
She is an internationally published author of 8 books in philosophy, spirituality and politics, and she speaks fluent English, French and German.

She is looking forward to serving the Lebanese community in the Northeastern U.S.


Reacquiring The Lebanese Citizenship

Dear Fellow Lebanese,

We would like to inform you that the Lebanese pertinent authorities, pursuant to Law # 41 “Reacquiring the Lebanese Citizenship” dated November 24, 2015, have started taking applications from members of the Lebanese diaspora to reacquire the Lebanese citizenship. The said Law stipulates that applications should be submitted before November 25, 2025.

Applications will be considered by a committee within the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon. Applicants can appeal the decisions of the said committee within a month from the time they are legally notified of such decisions at the address they specified in their applications.

Persons eligible to apply should have their names or the names of their paternal ancestors, or male relatives on their father’s side, listed on the records of the census of  1921 – 1924, either residents or immigrants registers, and/or the records of the census of 1932, immigrants registers, available at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the requirements.


Click here



Consulate General of Lebanon

9 E. 76th St.
New York, NY 10021

Tel:  (212) 744-7905
Fax: (212) 794-1510

Hours of Operations: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM, except for national holidays.

All consular formalities will be delivered the next business day by 1:00 pm.


Connecticut (CT)

Delaware (DE) 

Maine (ME) 

Massachusetts (MA) 

New Hampshire (NH) 

New Jersey (NJ) 

New York (NY) 

Pennsylvania (PA) 

Rhode Island (RI) 

Vermont (VT)


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