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The Consulate is facing huge difficulties and mounting pressure due to severe downsizing and ongoing staffing shortage; we now only have 3 employees processing the formalities of over 200,000 Lebanese in New York and the Northeast. Unfortunately, this will inevitably result in a work overload and our inability to process formalities in a timely manner.

Due to these very difficult working conditions which are outside my will, decision, and responsibility, I have decided to end my diplomatic service in New York by end-February, and to take a long vacation (to rest after four years of hectic responsibilities), dedicating my time to my writings. I will continue to serve my beloved country and its cultural mission in the world as an ambassador, thinker, author, scholar, and poet.

God bless Lebanon.

Ambassador Abir T. Audi, PhD

Consul General of Lebanon in New York

February 12, 2024

Below is a report of the Consulate’s achievements under my tenure, published on December 22, 2023:

December 2019 – December 2023: Four extremely difficult years in review:

Doing our best despite severe budget cuts, downsizing, and staffing shortages:

The past four years were arguably the most difficult years in the modern history of our beloved Lebanon, notwithstanding the pandemic which brought the whole world to a grinding halt. Yet, despite the acute economic crisis and the ensuing severe budgetary cuts and downsizing, which led to severe staffing shortages at the Consulate, we continue to process citizens’ formalities in a timely and efficient way, thanks to good management, discipline, competence, and dedication to our community and our country.

– Upon my arrival in December 2019, I launched an ambitious project, “Lebanese Talents: The Who’s Who of the Lebanese Diaspora in NYC and the Northeast.” The aim of that project was not only to showcase the success stories of Lebanese expats, but also, and more so, to establish a multi-disciplinary Lebanese-American professional and social lobby (doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, businessmen, professors, artists, …) in order to assist the Lebanese in need of help or guidance, particularly the vulnerable groups (the sick, the elderly, students in financial need…). The lobby would also support emerging talents in all fields and help them find jobs and pursue their highest professional aspirations. Sadly, because of the lack of logistical support and severe staffing shortages, the project was put on hold, but not before we were able to achieve successful networking during Covid – even before the project was put on track – which proved very fruitful, since we were able to help numerous people in need.

– During Covid (2020-2021):

Three months after I took office in December 2019, Covid hit New York, which became the pandemic’s epicenter in the world. Despite the shutdown on March 15th, 2020, the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York continued to process the formalities of the Lebanese community, regularly and without interruption, in addition to networking with NGOs and doctors to find donors who would help the most needy and vulnerable citizens, particularly students, the sick, and the elderly. In times of crises, nobler tasks are required. That is why the Consulate General focused its activities during these difficult times on helping Expats in need, by finding donors to help them directly, whether by providing needed medicines or treatment to the sick, or offering financial help to stranded students or vulnerable people (the elderly, the homeless…).

Even during the worst months of Covid, when the lockdown was imposed on all, even on diplomatic missions, the Consulate’s work went on uninterrupted, remotely and by mail, with exceptions being made for emergencies when the Consulate received people in need of urgent formalities.  

– On September 9th, 2020, I launched “The Lebanese Expats Job and Business Forum Initiative in New York and the Northeast U.S.” in order to help hire freshly graduated students as well as young professionals who had lost their jobs or who were looking for jobs during the Pandemic.

– Repatriation of Lebanese students and vulnerable groups during Covid (2020-2021):

The Consulate then successfully organized, during the pandemic, the repatriation to Lebanon of stranded Lebanese citizens, especially students and the most vulnerable people, notably the sick and the elderly, as well as those in financial need; the repatriation was carried out in collaboration with MEA, which had special flights arranged in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants. The operation went smoothly, taking only a few weeks, and it was a total success, and hundreds of citizens were able to return safely home to their families.

– Working tirelessly and without interruption under very difficult working conditions: severe budgetary cuts, downsizing, and staffing shortages

The acute economic crisis in Lebanon had a direct toll on our working conditions, which became extremely difficult, since the ensuing severe budgetary cuts, downsizing, and staffing shortages greatly impacted us. With zero budget for representation, receptions, events, transportation, etc… our work and priority were almost exclusively focused on continuing to process consular formalities in a timely and regular manner, despite being very understaffed, our staff being reduced by half.

Indeed, due to the said budgetary cuts, we are not allowed to hire new employees in case someone resigns or retires, and consequently we are left with only 3 full-time employees in charge of processing the formalities of over 200,000 citizens in New York and the Northeast. This puts additional, enormous pressure on us, but we do our very best to serve the Lebanese community in a timely and efficient manner. The titanic task of serving our citizens in ten states was and is still being handled with success, due to our determination, dedication, and good management.

– Lebanese Legislative Elections for Expats in the Northeastern US (May 2022):

In 2022, despite our extremely tight budget and staffing shortages, we were able to organize the parliamentary elections for Lebanese Expats in New York and the Northeast. Preparing the elections took many months, and the elections were a total success, despite the lack of funds and very limited staff, and despite the fact that the number of voters was thrice as much as that in 2018, in addition to a very strict budget. Still, the media, international observers, European Union representatives, LADE, and Lebanese Expat voters all lauded the “flawless” and “model” elections which were held in 5 polling stations (in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut) covering the Northeastern United States under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York. They particularly praised the elections in Manhattan which they described as “perfectly organized, peaceful, civilized, democratic,” and which were held under my personal supervision and in the presence of international observers and all the delegates representing parties and candidates. “Zero problems, zero transgressions, zero incidents, zero complaints,” reported LBCI about the elections.   

– Repatriation of stolen priceless Greco-Roman artifacts seized by the New York District Attorney’s Office to Lebanon:

Despite all the extremely difficult circumstances and working conditions, we also did not neglect our duties in preserving the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon. Thus, two Protocols were signed with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for the return of 13 stolen priceless Greco-Roman artifacts to Lebanon, after they were seized by the Manhattan D.A.’s office, having been smuggled to New York. The repatriation ceremony took place in September 2023, at the D.A.’s office, after 3 years of personal follow up and close cooperation and collaboration with the D.A.’s Office.

The Consulate General of Lebanon in New York continues to work diligently and does its very best in these very difficult times and circumstances to serve our Lebanese community. Despite not being able to organize the National Day and other events, as was the case in normal times, due to the lack of funds (zero budget for representation, events, receptions, National Day, …), our work focuses on serving the essential: the citizens’ formalities, but also continuing to represent Lebanon in important events and major meetings, conferences, and events organized by the Diaspora, by the diplomatic community in New York, the New York Mayor, and the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM), as well as doing our very best to gather support for education and humanitarian fundraisers aimed at helping financially-challenged students and the sick and elderly to respectively pursue higher education and find medical assistance.

We will continue to do our very best to serve our community in New York and the Northeast, working against all odds and despite the huge difficulties and enormous pressure we face every day.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

God bless you and your loved ones, and may God bless the souls of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion, as well as all the innocent victims of war.

Ambassador Abir T. Audi, PhD

Consul General of Lebanon in New York

severe budgetary cuts & staffing shortages

The Consulate General of Lebanon in New York always does its best to serve its citizens and visitors in an efficient and timely manner. However, we kindly ask you to bear with us as, due to the acute economic crisis and severe budgetary cuts, we are very understaffed, we currently only have three employees processing the formalities of over 200,000 Lebanese Expats in the ten States of the Northeastern U.S.

Moreover, due to the said budgetary cuts, we are not allowed to hire new employees to replace any employee who resigns or retires. This puts additional, enormous pressure on us, but we do our very best to serve you.

Based on the above, and due to the very high number of calls and emails that we receive daily, we ask you to be patient until your turn comes, as we work on a “first call (or email) first served basis.”

– When you call the Consulate and your call is not immediately answered and you are automatically put on hold, please wait until an employee answers. In case you choose not to wait, please leave a message with your name and phone number, and we will call you back. We answer all calls and always call back. Check our “About the Consulate” section for contact details of each section.

– As for emails, we also reply to all emails in the order we receive them. Please email the relevant section and employee. Check our “About the Consulate” section for contact details of each section.

– Regarding Powers of Attorney drafted at the Consulate, no walk-ins, by appointment only. Please call or email to make an appointment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

notice regarding formalities

Only money orders payable to the Consulate General of Lebanon are accepted for all formalities.

– No screenshots.

-Only photocopies of documents will be accepted.

-Applications with screenshots instead of photocopies will be rejected.

-Incomplete application forms will be rejected. All fields must be completed.

-All applications must include the required documents, otherwise they will be rejected.

Reacquiring Lebanese Citizenship

Dear Fellow Lebanese,

We would like to inform you that the Lebanese pertinent authorities, pursuant to Law # 41 “Reacquiring the Lebanese Citizenship” dated November 24, 2015, have started taking applications from members of the Lebanese diaspora to reacquire the Lebanese citizenship. The said Law stipulates that applications should be submitted before November 25, 2025.

Applications will be considered by a committee within the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon. Applicants can appeal the decisions of the said committee within a month from the time they are legally notified of such decisions at the address they specified in their applications.

Persons eligible to apply should have their names or the names of their paternal ancestors, or male relatives on their father’s side, listed on the records of the census of  1921 – 1924, either residents or immigrants registers, and/or the records of the census of 1932, immigrants registers, available at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the requirements.

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Hours of Operation: 

Monday through Friday:

From 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM for submitting formalities.

From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM for retrieving formalities previously submitted.

From 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM: closed to the public (processing formalities).

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We would like to bring the Lebanese community’s attention to the following matter concerning real estate transactions in areas and neighborhoods affected by the Beirut Port explosion, specifically in the Port, Saifi, Mudawar, and Rmeil:  

In light of the stifling economic crisis that Lebanon is currently undergoing, which was exacerbated by the Beirut Port blast, and based on the urgent need to protect Beirut’s historical heritage landmarks, and given the fact that some parties have exploited the economic crisis and the needs for liquidity of landowners, owners of houses, apartments or buildings in the aforementioned areas, exerting efforts to coerce them to sell their properties at lower-than-market prices, and in order to prevent unjust property sales under such circumstances, Law No. 194 was issued on October 12th, 2020. 

Pursuant to this Law, and in accordance with its provisions, it is hereby forbidden, for a period of two years, to carry out any act pertaining to the transfer of ownership of real estate located in the aforementioned areas. Additionally, all powers of attorney signed between August 5th, 2020 and the date of the promulgation of this law regarding the transfer of ownership of real estate located in these areas are effectively frozen, pending examination by the General Directorate of Real Estate Affairs or the most relevant body.