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Another breakthrough for the Lebanese Diaspora: Lebanese-owned CMA-CGM celebrates historic acquisition of terminals at the ports of New York and New Jersey

Mr Rodolphe Saade, Chairman of CMA CGM shipping company, hosted a VIP dinner on October 10, at Peak Restaurant, Hudson Yards, Manhattan, in celebration of his company’s historic acquisition. The event was attended by the leading international shipping company’s many clients. NYC Mayor Eric Adams, accompanied by his entire team, was present as the guest of honor. Ambassador Dr Abir T. Audi, the Consul General of Lebanon in New York, who was graciously invited by Mr Saade as the official Representative of the Lebanese Republic in New York and the Northeast, warmly congratulated Mr Saade on his latest acquisition, on behalf of the Lebanese community in the Northeast, and expressed to him and to Mayor Adams her immense pride in the Lebanese Diaspora’s monumental success, worldwide and in all fields, always significantly contributing to their host countries’ economies, business, art, education, and culture.


H.E. Ambassador Dr Abir T. Audi, Consul General of Lebanon in New York, was graciously invited by His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to a private VIP dinner at Cipriani, Manhattan, on September 21, 2023, in celebration of the 93rd anniversary of the Saudi National Day. Organized by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the event was attended by a host of VIPs, including H.E. Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Audi congratulated His Highness Prince Al Saud and seized this opportunity to assure her gracious host of Lebanon’s indefectible and historical friendship with the Kingdom.

Repatriation ceremony on September 7, 2023, at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, for 12 priceless artifacts looted from Lebanon and seized by the D.A.’s office

The Consul General of Lebanon in New York, Ambassador Dr Abir T. Audi, attended a repatriation ceremony on September 7, 2023, at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, for 12 priceless artifacts looted from Lebanon and seized by the D.A.’s office.

“This is Lebanon, the real Lebanon, the real face of Lebanon which we want the whole world to see: the Lebanon of art, beauty, culture, history, the Lebanon of peace and harmony between civilizations and cultures, the eternal Lebanon which will never die,” said Ambassador Dr Audi.

In its press release, the District Attorney’s Office announced that it “recognizes Ambassador Dr Abir T. Audi for her exemplary partnership.”

In the speech delivered by Lebanon’s Consul General during the said ceremony, she thanked the D.A.’s entire team of “unknown heroes” (particularly Colonel Bogdanos, who led the investigation) for their extraordinary achievement, and highlighted the excellent collaboration between the Consulate and the D.A.’s Office throughout the years.

In this regard, the Lebanese Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammed Murtada, announced during a press conference that a ceremony will be held in Lebanon upon the arrival of the artifacts, to honor Colonel Bogdanos as well as Ambassador Audi. Dr Audi will be honored by the Lebanese Prime Minister and Minister of Culture “for her great efforts and great contribution to the repatriation of priceless antiquities to Lebanon,” Murtada said.


The Consul General of Lebanon in New York, H.E. Ambassador Dr Abir T. Audi, and her husband Mr Dori Audi, were the guests of honor at the opening of an exhibition showcasing the drawings of Kahlil Gibran, on Thursday, June 1st, at the Drawing Center in Manhattan. The exhibition was organized by the Gibran Museum, in collaboration with the Gibran National Committee. Around 80 drawings by Gibran were displayed, in addition to 30 manuscripts and notebooks of the Lebanese-born writer, poet and artist, as well as first editions of his writings, in both Arabic and English. The exhibit drew a large audience of art lovers and artists from all nationalities, particularly Americans and Lebanese. Ambassador Dr Audi thanked the organizers as well as the Gibran Museum for honoring the great Lebanese artist and poet by holding this important exhibit, which will be open to the general public from June 2nd until September 3rd, 2023.

In her interview with LBCI, Ambassador Dr Audi said: “We are here today at the Drawing Center in Manhattan, where an important cultural event is being held: The Drawings of Gibran Kahlil Gibran. We would like to thank the Gibran Museum without which such an event would not have taken place. Gibran is back in New York after 100 years, and this exhibition shows that Gibran was not only a writer, a thinker, and a poet, he was also a talented artist who created beautiful and great paintings and drawings, which reflect his intellect and genius. We invite the Lebanese community in New York and all art lovers to come to this exhibition. Gibran awakens the universal human in us, he represents that which is higher in us, the elevated man, the elevated soul. And these drawings represent his thoughts in motion. This important event also encourages young talents; Gibran is an inspiration and an invitation for us to reveal our talents. We have a lot of talented people, a lot of hidden Gibrans among our Diaspora and back home, and it is our duty to discover these talents and showcase their works and share them with the whole world. We may have crises, problems, but this is what remains, that which is eternal, and that is: thought, art, culture. Our cultural heritage is our wealth. This is the real, civilized Lebanon that we love, the Lebanon of beauty, art, and culture; this is the image of Lebanon that we want to show to the world. Lebanon exports talents to the whole world, and while we Lebanese take great pride in Gibran, this great genius belongs to the whole world, his works belong and contribute to world cultural heritage.”…/a-greater-beauty-kahlil-gibran