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For Information on the status of your registration by family name, kindly select the following link:




Consul General

Mr. Majdi Ramadan


Executive Assistant

Mrs. Maha Karnib

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 7

Fax: 1 (212) 794-1510



Mrs. Karine Diab

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 6



Mr. Maher Takkoush

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 5


Passport / Visa

Mr. Gaby Noufaily

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 1


Mr. Ayman Salman

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 1


Legalization/ Powers of Attorney

Mr.Habib Osman

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 2


Registration of Vital Events

Mr.Tony Barkachy

Tel: 1 (212) 744-7905, ext 3




To support the Lebanese candidate, Mrs. Vera Khoury Lacoeuilhe, for the post of the Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) kindly check the following links:




Decision of the EU Court of Justice regarding the transfer of cash in transit through EU airport.

The European Court of Justice ruled on 05/03/2017 that transit halls at European airports are subject to the customs declaration of cash transferred through airports.

Individuals entering or leaving the European Union in transit and carrying cash of a value of €10,000 or more are obliged to make a declaration to the Customs authority, under the penalty of confiscating the carried cash and prosecuting the concerned individual.


Electoral Rolls

Pursuant to the Lebanese Elections Law number 25 of the year 2008, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon has prepared the preliminary electoral rolls for the period March 31, 2017, to March 30, 2018.


We invite the Lebanese registered voters, including those who have applied through our Offices for registration, to review the preliminary electoral rolls on the website of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon on the following link Electoral Rolls.


In particular, we advise you to verify whether your registration accurately reflects your personal status information. Furthermore, and incase the said registration doesn’t precisely reflect your personal status information, we urge you to submit requests for any necessary corrections through our Offices and before March 10, 2017, to the Registrations Committee at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon.


We would like to remind you that if your registration on the electoral rolls doesn’t accurately reflect your personal status information you might be prevented from exercising your right to participate in the Lebanese parliamentary elections.


Pension Filings by Retirees and Beneficiaries

We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon announced the extension of the deadline for pension filings by retirees and beneficiaries residing abroad to December 31, 2016.

The concerned individuals are advised to submit the listed documentation required by the Ministry of Finance on its webpage http://www.finance.gov.lb/ar-LB/taxation/Pages/المتقاعدين.aspx as follows:

·          An application form,

·          Recent Family ikhraj kayd (less than 3 month old)


Before submission, the concerned individuals should have their applications legalized by the Consulate at no cost either:

·          In person at the Consulate section,

·          Via certified mail after having the application notarized.


Kindly note that the Ministry of Finance will stop paying pensions to retirees and beneficiaries who don’t comply with the above mentioned process.


  Holiday Schedule 2017

The Consulate General of Lebanon in New York observes the following Lebanese and American holidays as listed here.


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